At the Biospine Institute, we exclusively practice minimally invasive spine procedures, also known as MIS, because of the many benefits it provides to our patients over the traditional surgical approach.


Our typical operation begins with a small 3/4” incision, through which special instruments are used to gently separate muscle, allowing the surgeon to reach the problem area. This is an important step in eliminating the need to cut the muscle itself – a step which is unavoidable in traditional surgery. Keeping the muscle intact through MIS is a huge benefit to our patients because there is less pain and scarring and a faster recovery.


Minimally invasive surgeries cause less post-operative pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that patients undergoing MIS procedures report less pain and require smaller doses of pain relievers than patients undergoing traditional surgeries. Many of our patients boast about not using pain relievers following their surgery.


Most traditional surgeries require a long incision, resulting in large unsightly scars. Minimally Invasive Surgery procedures have smaller incisions – approximately 3/4″ – which means smaller, scars that are barely noticeable.


There are no long incisions with MIS. Surgeons do not cut through muscles to finish the procedure, leading to less tissue damage and quicker recovery. Our patients will comfortably leave our facility on the same day as their procedure. In most cases, the patient can return to work and the normal activities of daily life.


Many physicians claim to use minimally invasive techniques, but it is estimated that fewer than 10 percent of operating spine surgeons utilize this approach, and even fewer use it exclusively. Ask your physician exactly how proficient they are in minimally invasive surgery before allowing them to perform a procedure on you.

Our Spine Procedures

This procedure is performed to alleviate pain caused by the impingement of the spinal nerves. Degenerative changes and injuries can damage the spine resulting on painful pressure on the nerve roots. Learn More. 
This procedure removes pressure on the nerves and spinal cord by removing a large portion of the lamina to relieve pain. Learn More. 
This procedure is used to treat nerve root and spinal decompression of the cervical (neck) spine by performing a discetomy. Learn More. 
This procedure is performed to stop the movement between two vertebrae to relieve pain. Learn More. 
In this procedure, a cervical disc is removed and replaced with an artificial one to decompress the spinal cord or nerve root and relieve pain. Learn More. 
This spinal injection procedure, radio waves are used to heat nerve tissue and decrease pain signals. Learn More. 
This procedure is used to treat spinal compression fractures. Learn More. 
This injection is most often used to treat pain in the lower back, but also can be used the neck and mid-spine. Learn More. 

This type of injection is used to help patients tolerate a rehabilitation program to strengthen the back and help heal from an injury. Learn More. 

This type of injection helps reduce swelling and inflammation of the nerve roots and surrounding tissue. Learn More. 

Dr. Ronzo talks with a patient before spine procedures.

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