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Sphinx Pose Benefits: Helps to strengthen the shoulders and the lower back.
Difficulty: Beginner
Modifications: Two

The Sphinx Pose is an exercise in yoga that incorporates the muscles of the shoulders and lower back. It’s a great yoga exercise for beginners. This exercise can help accentuate the natural arch of our spine as well and strengthen the shoulder blade stabilizers and low back. Having strong shoulder blade muscles can help reduce low back pain and help align the spine into it’s proper position.

How to Perform the Bridge Exercise

To properly perform the sphinx, lay on your stomach with your forearms propping your chest up.

Push down onto your forearms while lifting your chest up keeping your back arched. Your butt should not raise nor should your pelvis come off of the floor and you feel your shoulder muscles and low back muscles working.

If this is too painful, don’t push up as far. If this is still too painful, come off of your forearms and try just laying with your head in your hands.

Sphinx Pose Starting Position

Bridge exercise starting position

Sphinx Pose Ending Position

Bridge exercise full position

Sphinx Pose Modification

Bridge exercise full position

Sphinx Pose for back pain patients

Sphinx pose can help to strengthen the lower back and shoulders. It’s also a great pose for beginners.  For back pain patients who are about to undergo a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure, the Sphinx pose can belp to condition the back. Always consult with your doctor first before starting any workout routine.

Yoga poses, such as the sphinx,  can also help patients recovering from back surgery regain their strength and mobility and condition the back to prevent future back injuries. It may be a few months, however, before the doctor gives you the go ahead to begin exercising.  As always, ask your doctor which exercise routines are best for you.

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