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Our Goal

To improve the lives of our patients by perfecting the art and science of minimally invasive spine surgery, while providing an unparalleled experience made memorable by attention to every detail, comprehensive communication, and outstanding surgical results.

Our greatest satisfaction at the BioSpine Institute comes from hearing from the patients whose lives we have improved.

Here are just a few of their stories.

Kathy Ide – Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion (ACDF)

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Wayne – Cervical Fusion

A series of athletic injuries when Wayne Johnson was younger eventually led to back pain later in life. The seasoned chef could no longer perform even the most basic back of the house functions at the restaurant where he worked. After consulting with several spine surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, Johnson and his wife, Yvonne, decided the doctors at the BioSpine Institute were the best to resolve his back pain. Johnson had a cervical and lumbar fusion and his regaining his strength and mobility. He’s looking forward to working, fishing and spending time with his wife without worrying about back pain.

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Gene – Laminectomy

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Olga – Fusion

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