A segment on a recent episode of  “The Doctors” featured a woman named Celia who had back pain and was losing function in her arm because of a herniated disk in her spine. She even worried about completely losing her arm.

At the BioSpine Institure, we are familiar with the condition Celia was facing. We see patients who exhibt similar symptoms – severe weakness, pain, and numbness and tingling in the arms and legs.

We perform a similar revolutionary microsurgery on the spine through three-quarter inch incision. Precision is key when performing a minimally invasive spine surgery. That’s why it’s so important to find a board certified spin surgeon like Dr. Bono and Dr. Ronzo. Both have logged hundreds of hours of training and have performed more than 15,000 successful minimally invasive procedures on the spine, such as removing herniated disk material.

The results are remarkable: a small incision, a few days to recover and patients can resume the life they once had or always wanted to live.

Unfortunately, too many people with debilitating back pain choose to undergo procedures disguised as minimally invasive, but result in a bigger incision and a long recover.

Watch a some stories about our back surgery patients who are now living the life they always wanted.