What is a Vertebrae Fracture?

When one ore more bones in the spine break, it’s known as a vertebrae fracture or spinal fracture. There are several types of vertebrae fractures. Compression fractures are the most common and happen when a vertebrae collapses. A burst fracture can happen after a traumatic injury, such as a fall from a great height or a car accident. Splinters of bone penetrate the soft tissues around the spine. A fracture-disloaction occurs when a vertebrae breaks and becomes dislocated, potentially damaging a nerve in the spine.

What You May Be Feeling

A vertebrae fracture can cause neck pain.

Neck Pain

A vertebrae fracture can cause back pain.

Back Pain

A vertebrae fracture can cause tenderness


A vertebrae fracture can cause spasms


A vertebrae fracture may result in one or more symptoms. If you experience back pain that comes on suddenly, especially in the upper or middle back,; pain that gets worse when standing or walking; a decrease in pain when lying flat on your back; lose flexibility in the spine; or have a deformity like a hump in your back, your doctor may suspect a vertebrae fracture.

Potential Treatment Options

The surgeon is guided by X-ray to place a balloon catheter into the vertebrae. The balloon inflates to restore the collapse in a vertebrae. Learn More.

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