What are Spine Tumors?

Spine tumors push on the nerve tissue causing a range of symptoms from minor aches and discomfort to debilitating pain. The spine is designed very efficiently when it comes to amount of space it uses to accomplish its job. The spinal cord and the thousands of nerves that attach to it fit tightly in the spaces between the bones which make up the spine. So when there is unexpected cell growth in the area because of tumors, it can be very disruptive.

What You May Be Feeling

Spine tumors can cause back pain.

Back Pain

Spine tumors can cause neck pain.

Neck Pain

Spine tumors can cause stiffness.


Spine tumors can cause bladder control issues or pain

Bladder Control Issues or Pain

Spine tumors can cause leg numbness

Leg numbness

Spine tumors can cause leg weakness

Leg Weakness

Potential Treatment Options

This procedure uses a small pulse generator to send electrical pulses to the spinal cord to interfere with the nerve impulses to treat chronic pain. Learn More.

A procedure meant to stop movement at the vertebral segment causing the pain, it connects two vertebrae together providing much needed support. Learn More.

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