As amazing and powerful as the spine is, many spine conditions – injury, disease and aging – can have a profound effect on how well your spine does its job. Believe it or not, many times, that damage causes no real trouble at all, just minor scratches or dents on an otherwise amazing piece of equipment. But there are times when that damage can cause serious issues leading to a range of symptoms from uncomfortable numbness to debilitating pain.

There are a variety of spine conditions that affect how the spine affects the body. The spine is a miracle of evolution designed to support the body and protect the spinal cord.  It’s comprised of bones called vertebrae that are separated by cushion-like discs. This all held together in strict alignment by a complex network of muscles and nerves.

Back Problems We Treat

When a disc is damaged by an injury or weakens from normal wear and tear it may flatten or bulget. This bulge can irritate the surround nerve roots and spinal cord.Learn More. 
Degenerative disc disease is the normal wear and tear of a spinal disc as a result of aging. Learn More. 
As we grow older – a thinning of the disc can occur as they lose water content within their gel-like center – the outer wall of the disc then becomes brittle and weak. Learn More. 
When the outer shell of the disc breaks the gel-like material in the center leaks out, resulting in a herniated disc. Learn More. 
When the spine is shaped different than its natural curve, it is known as scoliosis. Learn More. 
When one or more bones in the spine breaks, it’s known as a vertebrae fracture of spinal fracture. Learn More. 
When a tumor develops in the region of the spine it can push on the nerve tissue, causing a range of painful symptoms. Learn More. 
When the canals that house the nerves and spinal cord narrow the pressure can cause pain and numbness in the arms and legs. Learn More. 
When a bone in the spine slips forward out of place, it’s known as spondylolisthesis. Learn More. 
Spondylosis is damage that comes from the normal wear and tear due to Osteoarthritis in the joints of the spine. Learn More. 
When osteophytes (bone spurs) form as a natural result of aging it can limit joint movement and typically cause pain. Learn More. 

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